Before the diary begins

Xmas Vacation – 1931

Thurs:- Dec. 24 – Turned washer woman.  Washed Midgie and Skippy and washed & ironed clothes of Bubbles & Dimples.  Helped trim Xmas tree.  Went to bed about 3 o’clock.

Dec. 25 – Fri – George and I got up at 6:45 and came down to see my things.  Got everything I wanted, and had a swell time.

Dec. 26 – Sat. Went up and got Jacky and pulled him home in wagon.  Took him to Linn’s to see Bobby’s things.  He liked them.

Dec. 27 – Sun. – Went to Sunday School.  MomMom, George, and Charlie came down and brought Brownie.  Fixed train.

Dec. 28 – Mon. – Went in town with George.  Saw movie, got lunch; shopped a little.  Mildred & Jennie here.  Played with ’em

Dec. 29 – Tues.-Took Jackie and went down to see Mildred’s things.  Took Jackie home & staid there for supper.  Went to church entertainment.

Dec. 30 – Wed.- Went down town to see “The Champ”-Wallace Bury Jacky Cooper – Swell.  Went to Robinson’s in evening.

Dec. 31 – Thurs:-Eliz & Shuk arrived about 6 p.m. Went to movies with May.  Saw Ronald Colman in “The Unholy Garden”  Not so hot.  Harburys came up.  Mom Mom, George & Charlie came down about 11:30 p.m.  Greeted the New Year with lots of noise.  Lib & Mes. Harbury joined kids parade and marched around block.  Had swell time.