January 18, 1932

Mon – Clear – School again.  Science notes marked – E.  May here after school.  Bobby & Dick, too.  Played croquet and talked.  Movies – 5 Star Final – real good.

Daughter’s note – May, Bobby and Dick are all neighbors.  E probably stood for excellent.  Clara never failed anything at school.


January 15, 1932

Fri. Sunny & Hot- Card club meeting at my house.  Eddie told me this morning that he & Hilda couldn’t come, so I got Anna to come.  Then tonight in come Eddie & Hilda after Anna was here.  Boy!  I near dropped.  Eliz. played though so we had table of 6 & 4.  Swell time.


Daughter’s note:  Clara loved playing cards and played straight through the age of 95.

January 14, 2016

Thurs-Sunny-hot.  Mom Mom & George down after school till about 5 o’clock.  Movies, Laurence Tibbetts in “Cuban Love Song”  Pretty good.  Eliz. Clara Sun. School meeting.

Daughter’s note:  George was Clara’s grandmother’s second husband.  George had been a boarder in the home and later married Clara’s grandmother.

January 12, 1932

Tues – Part rainy & sunny.  Staid home all by myself tonight.  Mother & Daddy at Kreener’s.  Eliz. at night school.  Packed away Xmas gifts, did French & read.


Daughter’s note:  Eliz. is Clara’s older sister.  Frank and Florence Muinch had two daughters;  Elizabeth and 4 years later Clara.