Hello world!

I am making a commitment to digitally copy my mother’s 6 years worth of diary entries so that they are not lost.  My mother, Clara Wilkinson was born on August 12, 1917.  The diary begins on Friday January 1, 1932.  She was 14 years old and living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the time the diary was written.  A look into a world before t.v., video games, cell phones etc.

Before the diary begins

Xmas Vacation – 1931

Thurs:- Dec. 24 – Turned washer woman.  Washed Midgie and Skippy and washed & ironed clothes of Bubbles & Dimples.  Helped trim Xmas tree.  Went to bed about 3 o’clock.

Dec. 25 – Fri – George and I got up at 6:45 and came down to see my things.  Got everything I wanted, and had a swell time.

Dec. 26 – Sat. Went up and got Jacky and pulled him home in wagon.  Took him to Linn’s to see Bobby’s things.  He liked them.

Dec. 27 – Sun. – Went to Sunday School.  MomMom, George, and Charlie came down and brought Brownie.  Fixed train.

Dec. 28 – Mon. – Went in town with George.  Saw movie, got lunch; shopped a little.  Mildred & Jennie here.  Played with ’em

Dec. 29 – Tues.-Took Jackie and went down to see Mildred’s things.  Took Jackie home & staid there for supper.  Went to church entertainment.

Dec. 30 – Wed.- Went down town to see “The Champ”-Wallace Bury Jacky Cooper – Swell.  Went to Robinson’s in evening.

Dec. 31 – Thurs:-Eliz & Shuk arrived about 6 p.m. Went to movies with May.  Saw Ronald Colman in “The Unholy Garden”  Not so hot.  Harburys came up.  Mom Mom, George & Charlie came down about 11:30 p.m.  Greeted the New Year with lots of noise.  Lib & Mes. Harbury joined kids parade and marched around block.  Had swell time.