March 26, 1932

Sat. – Rainy – No news of Lindy.  I made supper tonight.  Baked pork chops with filling, new potatoes browned in butter, corn & raspberry & lime jello with marshmallow whip for dessert.  It was all good and I had a lot of fun making it.  Mom Mom came down today so she ate it too & said it was good.  Kreemers, Jackie & family & Mildred & family were here tonight.  I fixed my Easter basket after they went.

March 25, 1932

Fri. – Clear – Warm – No news in Lindy case.  Bob, Eliz. & I went to Stanley to see “The Lost Squadron”, in it were, Robert Armstrong (Oh! he’s wonderful), Richard Dix (Bah!) Joel McCrea (he’s swell), Dorothy Cosdan, Mary Astor, & Eric VonStromlim.  The picture was wonderful.  Went to Horbury’s tonight.  Ann’s baby is a dear.  So little & cute.  I love it.

March 24, 1932

Thurs. – Clear – Warm – No news of Lindy baby yet  Went to town today.  Got dress.  It’s bright green & awful pretty.  Also got hat. Dark brown.  Mildred here when we got home.  Bobby has a baby duck & calls it Napolean.  Might go to town tomorrow to a show.

March 23, 1932

Wed. – Clear – Warm – No news of Lindy baby.  I was up at Jackie’s all day & on the go all day.  First we played upstairs in his bedroom, then went for walk on Ave. then to park, then played outside then in his bedroom again, supper then downstairs, then I had to come home at 9 o’clock.  Boy!  Jack was sure played out and I’m not so wide awake, myself.

March 21, 1932

Mon. – Boy! It snowed last night.  Heaviest snowstorm in 2 years the papers said.  Is that a good way to greet Spring, with Easter coming on Sunday!  I ask you.  We went in town today.  Eliz. got practically all her stuff but I only got shoes and stockings.  We’re going in on Thurs. again tho.  My shoes are snake skin & have ties.  They’re awful pretty & I like them a lot.

March 18, 1932

Fri. – clear – No news of Lindy.  Hiking Club went to Independence Hall.  I went Card Club meeting tonight.  Hilda nor Howard came.  Got Isabel & Florence to come.  Eddie, Brie & I played Michigan.  Had good time.  Hilda called us in her house, as we were going home but we didn’t stay.  She had company.  a cousin & boyfriend.