February 14, 1932

Sun – Clear – Did I get a good valentine today.  Daddy got me a new dog.  It’s a 4 month old wire haired terrier I named him Sandy.  He’s awful cute and awful clumsy.  Poor Brownie is awful jealous so I played with him a lot.  Skippy and the pup made friends.  When we got home he got out of back yard and I found him down the street.  He’s cute but I still like Brownie and Skippy too.

February 11, 1932

Thurs. – Rain – Boy, talk about excitement!  George brought to Croydon after school.  We were listening to Junior when the lights went out.  We looked down the road & the wires were down.  It made an awful blue light.  Every house in the lane was charged with electric.  Charlie tried to push over, tip a water bucket & got a shock and I walked over the porch and got one.  We thought all the houses would burn.

February 10, 1932

Wed – Rain – Nothing much in school today.  Went to movies tonight.  Went with Dick.  Met May & David in ride and a little later Edward came down.  So there was quite a gang of us.  Saw Richard Cromwell & Jack Holt in Maker of Men and also Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in Beau Hunks.  Double feature.  Both real good.

February 9, 1932

Tues. – Clear – cold – Nothing particular happened in school today.  May around after school.  May, Dick and Bobby came in tonight & we played cards, did some homework & fooled.  Dick was feeling devilish & blew the cards all over the room.  Bobby is happy again.  Isabel called him up.  Dumb-ness

February 7 & 8 1932

February 7 -Sun. – Clear – Up Croydon today.  Mother, daddy & Eliz. came up this afternoon.  I made filling for lemon meringue pies.  Brownie over all day.  He’s sweet.  2 big dogs chased him today.  Was I scared.  Midgie was sick but is better.


February 8 – Mon.  A.M. Rain  P.M. Clear – Got Miss Heyl for chorus & boy did we have fun. It’s a small class and the boys raise cane.  She asked me to play the piano so I’m only to glad to miss the singing.  May around tonight.  Went for a walk and played cards.  Bobby’s all worried because Isabel won’t speak to him.

February 6, 1932

Sat. – Clear – May and I fooled in bed a long time before we got up.  Got breakfast then May had to go home.  George came down for me & took me up Croydon.  He brought Brownie with him.  Mother, Daddy & ?????? came up Croydon tonight.


Daughter’s note – 1933’s entry is written over today’s making it hard to read.  Brownie is definitely Clara’s grandmother’s dog.  George is Clara’s grandmother’s second husband.