July 10, 1933

Mon. – Clear – Went up to A. Mable’s this afternoon to tell her not to go to hospital to see George because he wouldn’t stay in the semi-private room.  Jacky was down today too.  Today was Dick’s birthday, so I made him a birthday cake.  Put wedding ring, safety pin, thimble & everything in it & we sure had fun eating it.  Paul was here & May.  Harvey, Jimmy & A. Cath. came down today so I had to sleep up at Aunt Mables.  Dick & Paul walked me up.

July 9, 1933

Sun. – Clear – May & I went to Bathy this morning but it wasn’t open, so we came back, met Paul, went around to see Babs, & then went to Bathy at 12:30 when it opened.  Gee! it was swell.  We fooled around up to May’s all afternoon.  Dick was up tonight & we went for walk over bridge.  Came back, dropped May off, came home here (Maude, Bucky & Leonard were here) & we 3 & Eliz. danced & fooled all evening.  Had swellegant time too.

July 8, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Gosh!  Mrs. Linn was over this morning telling mother how we stayed too late last night & wrecked the house etc. & Gee! we left at 12:30 & didn’t do any damage.  Went to matinee this afternoon with May.  Saw James Cagney in “Picture Snatcher”  It was real good.  Mildred & May & I took walk up around the park tonight.  Paul called me up tonight too.

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July 7, 1933

Fri. – Clear – May & I went to bathy this morning & Oh! that swim was swell.  We walked to Tacony this afternoon & took little Buddy Doyle with us.  I washed my head today too.  Bobby had a party tonight.  Me, Ginlup & Frankenstein & George Wilkinson & Isabel & boy friend.  Boy! is George Wilkinson a good dancer!!  He’s swell!  Danced a lot & played some games.  All walked Babs home.  That was Paul, Dicky, Frankenstein, Wilkinson & I did.

Daughter’s note:  First mention of my father.  My brother George is a great ballroom dancer, so now we know he gets it legitimately.

July 6, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – Boy, I made a full course dinner tonight & was it a job.  But it was swell fun.  All the way from tomato juice cocktail to dessert with swiss steak for main course.  All pretty good.  Went up to May’s & saw a baseball game (the kids lost) and then May, Paul & I walked up to Tacony.  Took May home then Paul brought me home.

July 5, 1933

Wed. – Clear – Up at May’s this afternoon.  Sat on her swing & talked.  Her & I went to bathie tonight & Gee! It’s a swell pool.  The water was swell.  On way back watched part of a ball game then went to May’s, then came home.  Dick was here & Paul came here too.  We danced & then took May home then had a swell time just acting silly out front.

July 4, 1933

Tuesday – Clear – A. Mable, U. John went away today so I waited on their porch until Paul came for me.  Then came home.  Fooled around & took a little walk.  Shot off some firecrackers, went to hospital to see George (he’s fine) then fooled around some more in parlor & got (shorthand).  Went to Babs tonight. (Paul & I) Had pretty awful time because I don’t like that gang!! The Richardson’s & Mush Wallace & Alberta & Sadie. Ugh!

July 3, 1933

Mon. – Rain – clear – Cold as heck.  Mother & I went in town today.  I got new greenish-blue silk dress, white shoes, white hat & 2 pair stockings.  Pretty good!  Eh!  Hattie?  Got 2 new piano pieces.  Parks in Paris & Sunday Down in Carolina.  Around at May’s this afternoon.  Went to movies tonight.  Ramon Navarro in “Barbarian”  Swell!!  Harvey & U. Harvey down so Paul walked me up to A. Mable’s And Oh!  another goodnight (short hand)

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July 2, 1933

Sun. – Clear & Rain this evening.  Paul came around this morning & it was awfully good to see him again after 3 whole days.  Gee!  We took a little walk to the park & then after I had supper & all we went up to May’s & it rained, so we couldn’t go out.  We sat on her porch in swing.  Bobby came up too.  We had a swell time, telling jokes & just acting silly.  Paul kissed me too, but mostly just on a dare but it was still a thrill.

July 1, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Len was here for us this morning before we were even out of bed.  We 3 went for boat ride & Len took us to a new beach on the river and Gee! it’s the best beach I’ve been at in years!!  He went home this afternoon & May & I fooled around & then went for another boat ride after supper.  Mother & Daddy & May Birkelbach came up tonight & brought us home