September 26, 1933

Tues. – clear – Eddie walked home from school with us & was over afterwards & picked me some pears.  Tonight he & I went for May but she was at hairdresser’s.  So 2 of us played cards & Jimmy & Eliz. played a while too.  3 strikers were around bothering us tonight so we called police.  Bandit chaser came & they scrammed plenty quick.  Paul & Linny sat on Gladys Thompson’s front steps with her all night.  Hope they had good time.  Darn fools!

September 25, 1933

Mon. – Clear – George came out of the hospital today.  I went down after school and U. John & A. Mabel came down & we all brought him & Mom Mom right up to Croydon.  I wrote to Len today.  Gosh, the Sugar House is on strike & Pop has to stay down there on account of the mobs threatened him.  We’ve got cops watching the house up here too cause they threatened us.  Eddie, May & I went to movies tonight.  Saw Bob Montgomery & Helen Hayes in “Another Language”  It was swell.  Jimmy is staying with us tonight.

September 24, 1933

Sun. – Clear – Swell weather.  Washed my head this morning.  Then went up to May’s.  Fooled around then went to Bab’s.  Stayed awhile.  Come home.  Got supper, took bath & got dressed.  May came for me.  Us & Linny & Eddy went to Babs.  Danced.  Took short walk.  Eddy went to Babs.  Danced.  Took short walk.  Danced some more.  Had real good time.  Took May home.  Then we 3 came home too.  Eddie’s a swell kid.

September 23, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Jacky down this morning.  Got letter from Len today.  Boy! was that swift.  I just sent him one Thurs. & got an answer already.  He’s sure a swell kid.  The sugar house went out on strike today.  Mom Mom & I went to hospital this afternoon.  Geo. is fine.  Tonight Mildred & I took a couple walks on avenue.  Jimmy was here tonight & brought me a sheet of music.  “Down to Old Ox Road”  Swellegant.  He’s swell too.  Kennedy’s, Aunt Mable & family, A. Clara & family all here tonight  Had real good time.

Daughter’s note – Clara’s father was a supervisor/boss at the sugar house.

September 22, 1933

Fri. – Clear – Chilly – Was going to see Miss Straub today, but decided it was too late when I got home.  Mildred here this afternoon & Linny over too.  Mild. left after supper.  Tonight May, Babs, Eddie & I went library & then to 5 & 10.  Came back to May’s & listened to radio (Phil Baker) fooled around awhile & then came home.  Kreeners & Horbury’s here tonight.

September 21, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – Anna & I joined House and Grounds today.  It’s going to be fun.  After school Linny was over.   I did homework then started a letter to Len (sweet kid)  Linny interrupted again, then supper, then I finally finished Len’s letter.  Tonight went with May while she got shoes.  Boy! is she hard to suit!  Then we went roller skating.  Just 2 of us.  Not so much fun.

September 20, 1933

Wed. – Clear – Got off from school 15 minutes early today so I went to hospital to see George.  They put him in a semi-private room.  Betty & A. Addie went home today.  I fooled around all afternoon.  After supper went for May & she was out so went for Barbara then we two came back here & May came later & her & I did homework.  I got a letter from Len today.  Babs got one too & from the way she talks it must be pretty mushy.  Oh well!  it must be love!!!

September 19, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Saw Geo. Wilkinson a couple times in school today & walked part way home with him, Linny, & Eddie.  Gee! he’s swell.  I think he’s too sweet for anything.  Babs around this afternoon & I got my hair cut.  May & Howard, Eddie, Paul here tonight.  Jacky down all evening too.  Took May home early.  Talked to Paul for long while.  He’s decided he’s going to say that he’s getting tired of me.  Devil with him.  He can go to h_____.

September 18, 1933

Mon. – Clear – Swell weather today.  Eve Sandstrom, Marion Lenhart, Anna & I took little walk at lunchtime.  Davy Small & Bill Dunn walked part way home with Anna & I.  Both nice kids.  Babs, May, Eddie & I went movies tonight.  Saw Kay Francis in “Mary Stevens M.D.”  Really swellegant.  Afterwards Paul, May, Eddie & I took walk on Bridge.  Took May home, Then came home.

September 17, 1933

Sun. – clear – Boy! swell weather today.  Eddie, Linny, Paul, Len, May, Babs & I went to the Boulevard Pool for a swim but it was closed so we went to Pennypack Creek.  The water was cold but we had a swellegant time.  Had lunch with us & Oh Boy it was fun!  Coming home Babs & Len went a different way so the rest of us got sodas.  Danced at Linnie’s afterwards but Oh Gosh!  Len made a fool of himself over Babs.  A regular necking party.  I’m disappointed in him.