September 1, 1933

Fri. – Clear – Oh Boy!  I’ve been busy all day.  this morning I raked up the yard & burned the leaves, had lunch, then gave my pnet house a thorough cleaning.  Best so far.  Wrote a letter to Linny, took hot bath & washed my hair, then made macaroni for supper.  tonight saw part of a baseball game.  May’s cousin Ret was there.  She’s nice in spite of what May says.  Paul & I went to movies.  International House.  Pretty good.

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August 31, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – Went up to May’s this morning.  Saw baseball game (it was punk – real little kids) and we played some more tennis.  This afternoon went to hospital.  Geo. is fine.  Tonite the kids didn’t play ball so May & I went to see Robins Team.  Afterwards I went with May to get her hair waved down on Tulip St.  Paul here when we got back.  Fooled around & then walked May home about 10 o’clock.

August 30, 1933

Wed. – clear – Wrote Len a real long letter this morning to say we wouldn’t be up.  Made a box of Kreemy Freeze (Ice cream).  Went to Bathy with May this afternoon.  Played tennis in street afterwards, then pinochle with David Small, Joe Tomlinson, Norman & Zenie.  Tonight baseball game.  Hooray!  Kids beat the big boys of Hegerman team.  Went to Bathy again for last time.  We met Paul & walked to Tacony.

August 29, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Horburys were moving today so I had Verna, Dotty & Joan here all day.  Joanie’s sure sweet.  Had them all up to May’s this afternoon.  She has a job starting Friday.  At ball game tonight.  Kids lost.  Had Verna with me.  Afterwards Paul & I went with family down to see Horbury’s new place.  Real cute.  Paul & I sat out on front steps awhile after we came home.

August 28, 1933

Mon. – clear – Rain late tonite – May & I went to Bathy this afternoon & got caught in a peach of storm.  We were soaked to the skin.  It lasted an hour & 1/2.  We got a swim afterwards.  Tonite went up to see a ball game but it was just a pick-up & not so hot.  Paul, May & I went for walk along river & on bridge tonight.