August 27, 1933

Sun. – Clear – Warm – Paul & I went up to Boulevard pool again today.  I didn’t know whether to go or not because I look so terrible in a suit, but finally we went & I’m glad we did because we had a swell time.  The water was swelegant!  On the way home we saw an accident.  A couple of people were cut.  That’s all I think.  Mother was real sore because it was almost 10:30 when we got home.  Oh well!

August 26, 1933

Sat – Clear – Len came down early this morning & cut the grass.  I helped a little.  Then we went out in boat about 11:15 & never came back till 6 o’clock tonight.  We rowed all the way up to Newportville.  We had swell fun & I sure do like Len.  Sweet kid!!  Came home tonight & Paul & I went movies.  Saw James Cagney in “Mayor of Hell”  It was swell.  Perfectly glorious.  Fooled around till about 12:30.  Kreeners were up & also A. Clara, Lew & Mildred.

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August 25, 1933

Fri. – Len & the paper boy (Puffy) came down early this morning & got my boat out for me.  They didn’t know we were up & were going fishing so I didn’t go with them.  When they came in we all 3 walked to A & P & Len came back with me & we went in swimming & also took the boat & got the piece of slip up that was gone.  Boy that was a job rowing it.  Len is an awfully sweet kid.  I like him lots.  I was lonely tonight with nobody but Mom Mom & Charles.

August 24, 1933

Thurs. – Clear at last.  Went to matinee & saw Edmund Lowe in “I Love That Man”  It was pretty good.  Afterwards walked up to Tacony with May.  She was real good fun & we had a good time.  Tonight we came to Croydon because May Udell phoned & told us the tides were going to do all kinds of damage, but there’s nothing wrong except part of slip & my boat are gone & are lodged in the marshes down the road.  Mom Mom & I stayed up.

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August 23, 1933

Wed. – Terrible storm all day.  Linns left today for 2 weeks at Wildwood.  Boy! there have been terrible storms at all the shore places since Sunday.  Lots of people killed & places washed away.  I wouldn’t want to be there.  I went to the store a couple times today in the rain.  It was really fun.  Paul was here tonight.   Just him.  We fooled with the victrola & just talked.  He is sweet!!

August 22, 1933

Tues – Rainy – Boy, this weather’s awful.  Mom Mom & I went to hospital this afternoon.  I’m getting so I like to go.  Paul around tonight.  We went up for May & brought her back here.  Linny over too.  Took May home then Linny scrammed.  Paul said he had something to tell me about & guess what! he’s jealous of Geo. Wilkinson!  Imagine!  But I got things pretty well patched up & we kissed & made up again.  Sweet thing.


August 21, 1933

Mon. – Rain all day – Mother, Mom Mom & I went to town today.  All got cute dresses for $.54.  I got 2 pieces of sheet music & one record.  Ate lunch in town.  Mom Mom & I went to movies tonight.  Saw Sylvia Sydney in “Jennie Gerhardt”.  It was pretty good.  Paul wasn’t around tonight because he had a radio job to do.  I played records & piano.

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August 20, 1933

Sun. – cloudy.  We all ate dinner at A. Mable’s today.  Paul too.  He & I left from there & went to Boulevard pool in the afternoon.  Stayed there till 8 o’clock.  It was swell.  Poor Paul didn’t have such a hot time.  He had a sprained ankle from playing ball.  Had swell time.  Got hot dogs & ice cream sodas & it was swell!  Dick was here tonight.  He’s a swell kid.  Mother & them got home a little after 11 tonight.

August 19, 1933

Sat. – clear – Went to baseball game with May.  Kids won 11 – 7.  Washed Sandy & Midgie.  Family went to Pine Beach today but I stayed home with Mom Mom  Went to party at a girl’s house by the name of Jean tonite.  Went with Linnie.  Had a perfectly swell time.  Geo. Wilkinson & John Lamb were there & they’re both awfully nice.  I could fall for them in a big way.  Home at 1 o’clock.

August 18, 1933

Fri. – Rain & Clear – Bought myself a new pair of shoes today.  Blonde pumps.  Real cute.  Went up to see May a while this afternoon.  Bobby’s dog, Mugsey was hurt today.  Poor thing.  Paul & I went to movies tonight.  Saw “Gold Diggers of 1933” again & it was swell.  Better then ever.  Went to water carnival at Bathy afterwards & it was nice.  Took walk (May too) then took May home & Paul got me my victrola & we played a lot of records.  Gee!  Paul was sweet tonight! Oh! Boy!