July 24, 1933

Mon. – Clear – May & I went to Bathy this morning.  Water was swell & weather was boiling hot.  This afternoon just sat around, played piano, read, washed hair & wrote letters to Dotty Koclmel & Lucille Kates.  Up at Mays first tonight.  Saw end of baseball game, then came back here & Paul came down & Bobby was over.  We danced a little and then walked May home.  Talking to Isabel a while.

July 23, 1933

Sun. – HOTTER – Clear – Boy! A. Clara had a little baby over from next door today,  Dorothy, & was she cute.  A little doll.  Daddy & Shuk went down & brought me home this morning but Eliz. stayed down there all day.  Paul was here all day.  We went for a walk in the park & tonight just fooled around but had a swell time anyway!  Gosh! he’s swell.  May was on a picnic.  Lib & Shuk & them went home this afternoon.

July 22, 1933

Sat. – Clear – HOT – Took A. Catherine to hospital this afternoon to see May.  Left her there & went to Roosevelt & saw Peg of My Heart with Marian Davies.  It was swelegant!!  Lib & Shuk, A. Sarah, Blanche & her 2 kids came down today.  A. Clara, Lew & Mildred were here tonight.  Eliz., Mild., & I went movies.  Saw “I Cover the Waterfront” with Ben Lyon.  Swell, too.  Lib., Eliz., & I went out & got sodas afterwards.  Eliz. & I had to come to A. Clara’s tonight to sleep.

Peg O’ My Heart

I Cover the Waterfront

July 21, 1933

Fri. – Clear – May & I went to Bathy today.  I also moved my bedroom to 3rd floor.  May & I were in Mrs. Patterson’s after the Bathy trying out her new piano.  Came home & made mother a birthday cake.  Paul & I went to park tonight to hear band concert.  Real nice.  Evening went awful fast.  Came home & Eliz. & Jimmy were here.  Had mother’s cake & some strawberry drink.  Eliz & I gave Mother Coty’s Powder & some handkerchiefs.  Eliz. got the wedding ring out of the cake again. (Getting serious)

July 20, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – Mother went in town this morning.  I didn’t go.  U. Harvey & Harvey went home today.  A. Mable & Jacky were down today.  A. Mable went to hospital with Mom Mom & I stayed home with Jacky.  Boy! he was bad!  May, Paul, Eddie, Bobby here tonight.  Bobby only at intervals.  Took May home.  Then the family bought ice cream.  Paul & I were in on that.  Paul is sure a swell kid.

July 19, 1933

Wed. – Clear – May & I went to Bathy this morning & on the way back Paul met us.  We fooled around at May’s taking pictures etc. then Paul & I came home & got some lunch and then May came around & we went for a walk to the park.  There all afternoon.  Paul & May & Dick here tonight.  Had pretty swelegant time.  Oh! by the way, Paul didn’t have to work today.

July 18, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Mildred & A. Clara were here this morning.  Paul was here for about an hour at noon.  Poor kid! his mother was buried today.  Harvey, U. Harvey, Mom Mom & I went to see George today.  He was fine.  Dropped Mom Mom & went to see May & she was fine.  May was around tonight.  Also Paul.  He was feeling a little better.  Saw baseball game.  After Paul & I came home Len was down for awhile.  Nice kids.  Both of ’em

July 17, 1933

Mon. – Clear – May & I went to bathy this morning.  We were at May’s & Paul came around & he stayed with me then the rest of the day.  Gee!  It’s a shame for those kids.  I was near crying today.  Paul seemed so down hearted.  He perked up a little afterwards though.  Gee! he’s swell.  His mother was laid out tonight.  I couldn’t get out to see her it was too far.  I wish I could have.  I saw baseball game then Eddy Battish, May, Mom Mom & I played cards.

July 16, 1933

Sun. – Rainy – Gee!  Paul called me up this morning & told me his mother died yesterday on her way down to see them.  A heart attack.  It’s an awful shame & even I feel awful about it.  May around today.  Paul was here tonight & I felt so sorry for him.  It made me feel like crying.  We sat out front.  He said he felt better than he had all day.  I didn’t have the heart to send him home till near midnight.  He kissed me goodnight & it was wonderful.

July 15, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Len came down this morning & he, Mildred, & I went for boat ride to beach above bridges.  Took little Edward for another boat ride & Len & I did a lot of swimming.  Got back about 4 o’clock & Len & I walked to post office & A & P & home.  Then Len went home.  He’s a swell kid.  Mother & Daddy brought us home tonight.  I went to movies (2nd show)  I saw Rob Montgomery in Hell Below.  Swell.  Kenneddy’s & Kreemers here.