June 25, 1933

Sun. – Clear – Joe Z’s brother & girl friend, cousin & g.f. & Aunt Minnie were here today.  Also A. Catherine, U. Harvey & Harvey were down from up-state.  Paul was around today & we went for May & took short walk.  Took another walk tonight & Geo., Bucky & Bill Dunn went.  They’re pains in the neck.  Leonard was down tonight.  I had to sleep at A. Mable’ tonight so Paul walked me up and (short hand symbols I can’t read)  It’s a bigger thrill every time!!!

June 24, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Horbury’s stopped on way to Pine Beach today.  I went matinee with May.  Saw Joe E. Brown in “Elmer the Great”  Pretty good.  Rode up Croydon tonight.  May went too.  We picked a pretty bunch of roses.  Then came home & sat on front steps & then Mild. & I walked her home.  A. Clara, Lew, Mild. & Kennedys were all here tonight till after 3 o’clock.

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June 23, 1933

Fri. – Clear – Boy! had practically nothing to do in school today.  It was awful dead.  Around at May’s this afternoon.  Just fooled around.  Paul was around tonight & I took him for long walk down Frankford & home by Bridge Street.  Sat on our steps awhile after we got home & Bobby was over. We talked a Lot.  Oh Gee! Paul’s swell!

June 22, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – Up at May’s after school.  We sat out on her front steps & talked & George was yelling back and forth to me.  He’s a pretty nice kid.  May around after supper.  Played ball.  I was to hospital to see George this afternoon & he’s swell now.  Paul was here tonight too.  He & I sure get along together good!

June 21, 1933

Wed. – clear – Up at May’s after school.  Played ball.  Had pretty good time.  Dick & Paul & May were here tonight.  We danced a very little then took little walk & took May home.  Dick, Paul & I sat on front steps & talked awhile & then Paul left. (Oh! how I like him!)  Dick came in house for while & talked & then he left too.

June 20, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Went hospital to see George after school.  He wasn’t so good but was all right tonight again.  Went up May’s tonight to see ball game between Bloomer Girls & Barriman’s Brownies & 2 woman got in a fight & all.  Paul came up there & we took walk.  got ice cream cones then took May home.  Paul & I talked out front for a while.

June 19, 1933

Mon. – clear – Up at May’s this afternoon.  Went up tonite, too, to see a baseball game between Barriman’s team & a team of girls from Kensington but the girls didn’t show up.  May & I walked around home here, then and while we were sitting here on front steps, Paul came around.  Then he and I took May home & then came back here & talked for quite a while.

June 18, 1933

Sun. – Clear – Paul came up to A. Mable’s for me this morning and we fooled around a long while with radio & all, then walked home & Paul & I fooled around with uke etc.  A. Cath., Jimmie, Harvey went home today.  Paul & I walked up for May then ended up here, then took May home & met George & Bucky and they walked home with us & we parked on our steps till near 11 o’clock.  They’re all nice, but Oh! they don’t come near my Paul!

June 17, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Baked cake for A. Mable this morning.  Went home about noon.  A. Mable & Jack walked down with me.  May around this afternoon.  Her & I went movies tonight.  Saw Richard Barthelmess & Sally Eilers in “Central Airport”  It was real good.  Went for little walk afterwards for her to get a stamp.  Then A. Mable, U. John, Jacky & I came here to their house (I’m still sleeping here), got some lunch and came to bed.

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June 16, 2017

Fri. – Rain – Clear – Did Hist. report after school.  Bobby over for awhile.  Paul & May & I took walk this evening and then Paul walked me all the way up here to A. Mable’s.  Had to sleep here again tonight.  For the 2nd time Polly got a chance to kiss me goodnight.  It was just as much of a thrill as the first time!  Ohhhh! my–He’s perfectly swelegant.