May 31, 1933

Wed. – Clear – Cloudy – Real windy late tonight.  Around May’s after school.  Bobby & Dick & Paul & I were up May’s tonight.  Had swell time.   Danced & fooled a lot with Paul and he picked me up & carried me clear across room.  I do like him an awful lot but when I came home he stayed with May.  Heck with him!  If he prefers her, O.K. but I do like him!  Oh! well!

May 29, 1933

Mon. – Clear – May around after school today & I finished my gray dress.  Came to Pine Beach tonight.  Took Thelma & Sonny down with us.  Went Seaside tonight but it was dead.  Eliz., Ann, Thelma, & I went to 10 cent a dance place and had pretty good time.  Came back early but got to bed after 3 o’clock.

May 28, 1933

Sun. – Clear – Bobby & Paul came up today & we went in boat up to beach.  Had swell, long swim.  Paul & I went for long boat ride together up the creek.  Left May & Bobby at beach.  Then they were jealous & took a ride themselves.  All came home in our car & they stayed here for awhile.  Bobby took May home & Paul stayed here till about 11:30 p.m.  I like Paul heaps !! and we had a swell weekend.

May 27, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Croydon – May & I got up about 6:30 & went for boat ride.  It was awful nice.  Then I got breakfast & cut grass & had water fight with pump water.  Len was down.  Went for ride & swim & thunder storm came up.  Boy!  were we scared.  Mother, Daddy, Kreeners & Kennedys up tonight.

May 26, 1933

Fri. – Clear – Boy! it was hot!!  May around after school.  We just talked and Bobby was over.  Oh! he gets on my nerves.  I could cheerfully choke him!  May & I came up Croydon tonight.  Mildred, A. Clara & Lew were up too.  Went for little walk.  Put on bathing suits & they felt swell!!

May 25, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – May around this afternoon. I pretty near finished my gray dress while she was here.  Her & I took walk tonight up Tacony.  Stopped at Jacky’s. Then walked home & she got Mickey and walked home with me.  Bobby over a while.

May 24, 1933

Wed. – Clear – Had terrible storm tonight.  Worst in history of city.  Caused an awful lot of damage.  Took fronts right off of some houses & brought down an awful lot of trees.  May, Bobby, Dick and Paul were all here tonight.  We had a swell time!  Danced & sang etc.  Oh! I DO like Paul so much.

Storm history


May 23, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Back to school again.  Walked Tacony with May today.  She bought a dress.  Bobby, Paul, May & I went for walk on bridge tonight.  Water was awful pretty with lights on it.  Then went back to May’s and danced.  Had swell time!  Bobby & Paul brought me home.