April 30, 1933

Sun. – May & I talked for hours last night in bed.  We were all over Croydon today looking for violets & boy! did we get lots.  I’ve got a great big bowl full and they’re beautiful.  May & I walked up to Leonard Glaum’s this afternoon & then he came back with us & spent practically the whole afternoon.  Had real enjoyable day.  Daylight saving time started last night.  Gave Mom Mom pretty bunch of violets!

April 29, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Beautiful weather – Out in yard a lot it was so pretty.  Had kitten & Sandy out.  Horburry’s stopped on way to Pine Beach.  Rose Angermurer here this afternoon for couple hours.  A. Mabel & Jacky here too.  Came Croydon tonight & brought May for weekend.  Kreeners, Mild. A. Clara & Lew here too.

April 28, 1933

Fri. – Clear – Went to Highway Dance with Bobby this afternoon.  Had real good time but Boy! were our feet tired.  Helen Hughes & a lot of others were there.  May around tonight.  We rode down to Daddy’s Lodge in the car.  Took Sandy with us.  Kreeners up tonight.

April 27, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – Bookkeeping class went on a strike today & wouldn’t hand books in because none of them will come out and he should explain it.  May around after school.  Bobby, her, & I took walk after supper, then went to Bobby’s and danced and gabbed.  Kenneddy’s here tonight.  Bought doughnuts and had doughnuts & coffee.  My kitten, Whiskers, is growing awful fast.  Skippy hasn’t come back.

April 26, 1933

Wed. – Clear – May around after school.  We fooled around & played some checkers.  Tonight had piles of Bookkeeping to do.  I worked on it from 7 to 12 o’clock & then it didn’t come out so I went to bed.  Mother and Daddy at movies tonight.  Maude & Bucky here, but did not even get out of car.  Maybe it isn’t cold!  Gee!  my kitten is sweet.  Skippy’s been missing a week & didn’t come back yet.

April 25, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Went out for baseball this afternoon, but it poured just as we were going to play, so we came home.  I didn’t want to walk alone, so I rode home.  Did homework this afternoon & played with sweet kitty cat.  Around at Sarah’s tonight.  May there, too.  Fooled around & had pretty good time.  Mother & Daddy at Kreeners.

April 24, 1933

Mon. – Clear – Beautiful weather.  Had kitten out in back yard after school.  Mother in town today.  Got herself a coat.  Real cute.  May & Sarah around after supper.  Walked around to Mays & then went to try & find Skippy.  He’s missing.  Robert Cunningham & David Small came back with us & David bought candy & donuts from Edingers.  Mother & us had ice cream afterwards.

April 23, 1933

Sun. – Clear – Baltimore – Up pretty early.  Betty came in this morning on leave from hospital.  Adaline came with baby Jimmy & Bud.  Jimmy’s the sweetest, brightest little thing.  They have a pretty dog too. (Bobby)  Pearl & Wallace here too, & A. Mable, U. John & Jack drove down for day.  Home on train.  Went real fast.  Horbury’s here tonight.  Had Joanie.  She’s awful sweet.

April 22, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Mom Mom & George came down early this morning & we went in town to automat & ate & then took train to Baltimore.  Aunt Addie was real glad to see us.  A. Addie, Mom Mom & I took taxi to Adaline’s but she wasn’t home, so we hopped another one & came home.  Wallace & Pearl were here tonight & we had ice cream, cakes & ginger ale.

April 21, 1933

Fri. – Clear – Warmer – Helped Bobby a little with a poster he had to make for the Hobby Fair this afternoon.  May, Sarah, Babs & I went to the school tonight to the Hobby Fair & it was awful cute.  Some real cute entries.  Talked to Bobby there.  Had swell time going & coming.  Never laughed so much before.  Mild., A. Clara & Lew here tonight.  Ann here too.  Kitty much better.  Daddy gave him a bath tonight.