March 31, 1933

Fri. – Rain – Boy! Mike Fisch had an awful crank on today!  Wow.  I hope he improves by Monday.  May around this afternoon.  We fooled around & played checkers.  Paul was to take her to movies tonight but he didn’t show up so she was around tonight too.  Bobby over also.  Drew pictures & played checkers.  Mother & Daddy at Horbury’s tonight.

March 30, 1933

Thurs. – clear – Boy! it sure was like spring today.  May around after school.  She has a job at Wanamaker’s & starts on Saturday.  After school Bobby waylaid me & after about 10 minutes hesitation he asked me to go to movies with him tonight.  So I went.  Saw Boris Karloff in “The Mummy”.  It was swell.  May was going with Paul but he had to work.  She was around this afternoon.  Ann & Stanley, Peggy & Gilet & Joe here tonight.  May around for book after movies.

March 29, 1933

Wed. – Clear – May & I walked up library this afternoon.  This is the 2nd time I’ve had a card filled out to renew my application & both times they said it wan’t right.  Went movies with Mother & Daddy tonight.  Saw Barbara Stanwyck and Nils Asther in “Bitter Tea of General Yin”  It was wonderful!!

Link to movie

March 28, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Had test in typing today & I bet I flunked it.  Mother in town today.  Brought me some stockings.  May around this afternoon.  Fooled around.  Jacky here for evening.  First I’ve seen him since he had the mumps.  He’s a darling!  May & her brother, Howard & Bobby here tonight.  Did jig-saw amused Jacky

March 27, 1933

Mon. – Clear – Pretty day for once. Got another perfect paper in typing.  May has left school so I had a whole day of nothing but Anna.  She’s an awful old maid & I wish she’d change her ways.  Did homework after school.  After supper went for walk with May & played pinochle.  Had good time telling the news of a whole weekend.

March 26, 1933

Sun. – Rain most all day – Mother & Daddy came up & brought Kreeners up, too.  I made orange dessert with jello for dinner.  It was real good.  I was over to see King 4 or 5 times & took him out for run in the fields.  He minds swell.  He’s sure sweet.  I adore him.  Listened Eddie Cantor tonight.  He’s swell.  Came home afterwards.

Eddie Cantor

March 25, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Tonight it started snowing & ground is covered with about inch of snow.  Hanging to trees too.  It’s beautiful.  Read quite  bit today & was over to see King a couple times.  He’s sure sweet.  I love him.  Moth. & Daddy couldn’t get up tonight on account of snow.  May & Joan up awhile & Joe McCracken in now.

March 24, 1933

Fri. – Clear – Well, today was May’s last day at school.  She left early.  I got her a card for her birthday on Sunday & wrote a letter & stuck in with it about church.  Geo. brought me to Croydon after school.  Listened radio.  ????? good stories.  Charlie came over about 9 o’clock & we played pinochle.  I won one and he won one.

Daughter’s note – The ink has so faded in this entry that it is almost impossible to read.  I have decoded it to the best of my ability.

March 23, 1933

Thurs. – Gee! It snowed real hard all day but none of it layed so it was wasted but it looked pretty while falling.  Poor Jack has mumps on the other side now.  May wasn’t in school but around after school & we walked to Tacony to pay her coal bill & went 5 & 10.  Her & Bobby here tonight.  I had on my gingham pajamas.  Robinsons & Kreeners here tonight.

March 22, 1933

Wed. – Clear – For once it was clear.  First the sun was out since last Friday.  May around this afternoon.  Bobby over too.  We danced a little but mostly just fooled around.  I was at May’s tonight.  We played some pool (that was good fun) & some pinochle.  Howard had some of his friends in a while & Boy! were they wild!