February 28, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Windy – Today was doughnut day so after school I made doughnuts.  Helped mother with supper dishes.  Jackie here a while after supper.  Margaret here all tonite.  Bobby over awhile.  Mother & Daddy at Kreeners.  I had loads of homework to do.  Did some jigsaw puzzle and listened to radio.

February 27, 1933

Mon. – Clear – Windy & cold – My ankle was pretty sore today.  Went in town after school.  Met mother.  Got brown dress, brown shoes & new wrist watch.  All real sweet.  Went movies with Daddy tonight.  Saw Eddie Cantor in “The Kid from Spain”  It was wonderful.  I laughed so I thought I’d die.  He’s perfectly swelagent.  I could fall for a man like him.

Picture of Eddie Cantor

February 26, 1933

Sun. – Clear, awful windy.  Didn’t get up till late this morning.  Got breakfast, did dishes & baked upside down cake.  Mother, daddy, Eliz & Joe up this afternoon.  Came home early & went to church with May.  going down our steps I fell & put a hole in my knee & hurt my ankle.  Oh! well.

February 25, 1933

Sat. – Rain – Was going to town but didn’t go, cause they didn’t have end-of-month sale.  Fooled around all day.  Did jigsaw puzzle.  Bobby over a little while.  Joe came this afternoon.  May around after supper.  Fooled around till I came to Croydon.  Kreeners came up too.  I fell asleep on couch while they played cards.  I stayed up.

February 23, 1933

Thurs. Clear – Like Spring today.  Went Jackie’s after school.  Went library but it was closed when I got there.  Don’t know why.  Took Jackie for walk to little park to watch trains.  Came home 7:30 cause they were going to Croydon.  Did homework, helped mother do jigsaw & slept on couch.  Helped mother with dishes.

February 22, 1933

Clear – Boy, was I sick in school today.  I spent one period in the infirmary – I don’t think I ever had such cramps before.  Bobby over this afternoon & took Sandy’s and my picture, but Sandy wouldn’t hold still.  Did homework this afternoon.  Movies tonite with Mother & Daddy.  Saw If I Had a Million.  It was swell!!  Had ice cream afterwards.


February 21, 1933

Tues. – clear – Shorthand gets more Greek every day.  I’ll never learn it.  Jackie here after school.  I was going up with him to library but A. Mabel never got back from hospital till 5:30 & library closes then, so I didn’t.  Mother & Daddy at Kreeners tonite.  Bobby over.  I had piles of homework but managed to listen radio & do jigsaw.

February 20, 1933

Rain – May & I had to wait almost 20 minutes for a 56 this morning & then couldn’t get a 75 either.  Just got to school on time  After school took bath and washed hair.  Mother in town.  Dick here after supper to get a jigsaw to do.  Mother, Daddy & I went movies.  Saw Edw. G. Robinson in “Silver Dollar”  Pretty good.

Daughter’s note: The 56 was a trolly that ran along Torresdale Ave. (Now a bus route).  The 75 currently runs through Frankford but not intersected with Torresdale.  Must have been different in 1933.

Silver Dollar (1932) Starring Edward G. Robinson, Aline MacMahon and Bebe Daniels

February 19, 1933

Sun. – Clear – Croydon – Mildred and I got up pretty late this morning and were just doing dishes when Jackie came up.  They were only there about an hour or so.  Sat on porch & read it was so nice.  Then Mother, Daddy, Eliz., A. Clara & Lew came up.  Did jigsaw.  Had strawberry cake for dinner.  Home early.  Listened radio & got ice cream.

Daughter’s note: I am including pictures of the diary pages for today and tomorrow as a reference for anyone who is interested.