January 31, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Still at Croydon- going home tomorrow with George on train.  Slept late this morning.  Charlie in couple times today.  Took Midgie for walk in woods.  Then walked to A & P with May.  Had strawberry cake with whipped cream tonite & boy it was delicious!  Mom Mom & I listened radio & did part of jig saw puzzle tonite.

January 30, 1933

Monday – Clear – At Croydon.  Our pump was broke & Charlie fixed it.  I helped him a little.  Helped May do a jig saw puzzle.  Talked to mother on phone twice.  I’m going home Wed.  Went movies in Bristol tonite.  Saw Marie Dressler & Polly Moran in “Prosperity”.  It was swelegant!!!!!

January 29, 1933

Sun. – Clear – Croydon – Didn’t get up till late.  Helped Mom Mom a little.  Did Jig-Saw puzzle.  Mother, Daddy, Eliz., Jenny Johnson, A. Clara, Lew, Mildred came up.  Played roulette.  Broke me.  Had Turkey for dinner.  Real good.  Mother went home early but I stayed up cause car was too crowded.  Listened radio & did jig saw puzzle.

January 28, 1933

Sat. – clear – snow last night didn’t amount to anything.  George & I went Bristol 5 & 10 this morning.  Got new jig-saw puzzle.  “Does She Spark”  Worked on it off & on all day.  Not finished.  Charlie, Mom Mom, George & I played cards again tonite.  Geo. & I still champs.  4 to 3.  Had lunch.

January 27, 1933

Friday – Cloudy – Snow tonite – Last day of the term.  School was sorta fun today.  Got report – 4 E’s, 1 G, 2 F’s.  Got hair cut in windblown after school.  I sorta like it for a change.  Neater looking.  Came Croydon tonight.  I stayed.  Ann & Joanie were up, too.  Joanie’s as sweet as ever.

January 26, 1933

Thurs. – Pouring this morning so Mrs. Linn called a taxi cab & Bobby, May & I went to school in it.  Swell Fun.  Some class, eh!  Mother was out at Wambach’s this afternoon so I made supper, roasted pork chops, fried noodles, peas, tea & mother had made jello.  Real good.  Movies tonite with Eliz.  Saw Lee Trasy in “Night Mayor”  Swell.  Kennedy’s and Kreeners here.  Had lunch

January 25, 1933

Wed. – cloudy – blowing & raining something terrible right now.  Jacky here today after school took him up to see Mays kittens.  Played awhile then he went home.  Did jigsaw puzzles.  Went movies, Jack Oakie in “Once in a Lifetime”  Swell, real funny.  Bobby here when I got home doing puzzles with Eliz.  Got ice cream then Mary & Ray came & Mother and Daddy got ????? (can’t decipher writing).  Gee! it made me mad.  I wanted them to take mine but they wouldn’t.

January 23, 1933

Mon. – Clear – found out what I got in my French test today.  61.  That’s pretty good, cause 68 is highest mark possible.  May wasn’t in school so I went around after school and talked with her for about an hour.  Went to movies with Mother & Daddy tonite & met Babs there.  Saw Farrell & Gaynor in “Tess of Storm country”  Swell.

January 22, 1933

Sun. – Rainy – Awful foggy tonite.  Got up about 9 o’clock this morning without even being called.  Did dishes, went down to May Udell’s and helped her with a jigsaw puzzle, “Wild Horses”.  Mother, Daddy, Eliz. & Joe, up this afternoon.  Ann & Stanley came up later & Jacky, A. Mable & U. John were up  Listened to Eddie Cantor & came home.  I sure love Croydon.