December 31, 1932

Sat. – Rain – Went to Mildred’s this morning & spent day.  Went matinee.  Saw Phantom Express.  Real good.  Mild. came home with me about 5 o’clock.  Lib & Shuk arrived about 5:15 and Lib gave me a sweet new dress she didn’t like.  Mild., May, Sarah, Babs & I went to movies tonite & saw Will Rogers in “Too Busy to Work”  It was wonderful.  A. Mable, U. John, Jack, A. Clara, Lew, Mom M., Geo., May were all here tonight.  We had a swell time.  Kreeners never left till 5:30 this morning.

December 29, 1932

Thurs. – Clear – Mother & I went down to Horbury’s today.  Saw Joanie.  Went over to see Mrs. Elder and also to see Thelma.  Her baby is the sweetest little thing imaginable.  May, Sarah & I went to church to see play that Eliz. was in & had a swell time laughing at them.  Sandy went out at 5 o’clock tonight & never got home till 12 midnight.  I was real worried.

December 28, 1932

Wed. – Rain – Went to Jackie’s this morning.  Stayed there for lunch & played with him and then brought him home with me.  Rode home in trolley car cause it was raining.  Took him to see May’s & Bobby’s gardens.  He played with my trains a lot too.  He stayed here for supper too, & then his mother came for him.  Went to movies with Babs.  Saw Harold Loyd in “Movie Crazy”  Pretty good.

December 27, 1932

Tues. – Rain all day – Fooled with trains & garden this morning then cleaned 2 front rooms for mother.  Then Anna, May & I went to see Babs’ things.  Then May & Anna came home with me & we played a game of pinochle.  Mother & Daddy went to Kreener’s tonight & Eliz. had rehearsal at church.  Bobby was over all night, Pest!

December 26, 1932

Clear – Mon. – Xmas still celebrated today.  Mom M. & George came down again today.  That was a surprise.  Bobby took my picture with his new camera.  Played with my trains today.  Ann & Joanie came up today & went home about 6:30.  Gee, Joan’s cute.  I love her.  M.M. & Geo. went home about 6 o’clock.  Went to Jack’s tonight.  Came home early.

December 25, 1932

Sun. – Rain – drizzly rain all day.  Xmas!!! got up at 5:30 & went to 6 o’clock church with May.  Came back got George up, & looked at gifts.  Mother & Mom Mom gave me a beautiful desk & I also got all the fixings for it.  Got lots of pretty things.  Jacky here during day.  Mildred, A. Clara, Lew, Kennedys, Kreeners & Eihternorks also here tonight.  Charlie Lee here today, too.

December 24, 1932

Sat. – Clear – Made last dog for Jacky, made cookies today. George came down this afternoon. Mr. Kreener was around with his twin brother & they sure look alike. Helped trim tree & fixed garden all up with new trains & all tonight. Had swell time doing it. Bobby (pest) was over all night. Mrs. Lyn & Kreeners here also. Took Mild. things down. had coffee & cake & got to bed 3:30

December 23, 1932

Fri. – clear – Had Xmas entertainment in school this morning.  After school made cake for Mom Mom.  It was her birthday.  Horbury’s here early this evening to bring over presents.  Jacky here awhile too.  Got ouR turkey tonight.  Also for George a pretty shirt & tie.  Dropped presents off at Maudes.  Had cake & coffee at Mom Mom’s.  M.M. came home with us.