November 30, 1932

Wed. – Clear – Had club meeting at my house tonight.  Everybody was here but Eddie.  We had a swell time.  Started playing Bag of Fun.  Then danced, sang, & fooled around.  Mother got us ice cream & pretzels then.  I think Helen Iatrola had a good time.  I hope so, because she’s an awful nice kid.

November 27, 1932

Sun. – Clear – Helen Whittaker was found dead in bed early this morning.  That was a shock.  Went Croydon this noon.  Charlie’s back from Wildwood.  We played pinochle – Him & me against Mom Mom & Mother but we got beat.  Maude & Bucky & Leonard came up this afternoon.  He’s a sweet baby.  Came home early & went to church with May, Howard, B., & Bobby

November 26, 1932

Sat. – Clear – Freezing cold.  Went town today.  Met Eliz. after work.  I got sweet pr. of black kid pumps & sweet hat.  Eliz. got new dress.  Pretty.  She went to Jenny’s for party tonight and she’s staying there tomorrow.  Mom, May & Jean Udel came down tonight & we all went to A. Clara’s tonight.  A. Mable, U. John, Jacky & Kreeners there too.  Swell time!  Mild. & I went to movies.  Saw Victor McGlaglen & Edmund Lorve in “Guilty as Hell”  Swell!

November 24, 1932

Thurs. – Clear – Thanksgiving – Went to game between Northeast Catholic and Frankford today.  Started at 9:45.  Frankford beat them at last 22 -0.  Swell game!  Mom Mom, Geo., A. Clara, Mildred & Lew here today.  May & Sarah around in afternoon.  Had swell turkey & all fixins.  Went movies tonight with May.  Took Mildred.  After Mild. & I got sodas at corner store.

November 23, 1932

Wednesday – Clear – Had awful French test today.  I know I flunked.  Jacky here after school.  Us kids started a club tonite.  Not cards just anything.  Had swell time.  Never laughed so much before.  A. Mable, U. John, Jacky, A. Clara, Lew, Mildred here tonite.

Daughters note – Clara frequently uses tonite as an abbreviation for tonight and A. and U. as abbreviations for aunt and uncle.

November 22, 1932

Tuesday – Clear – Had book test on “Tale of Two Cities”  Terrible.  May & Bobby here after school Last night a man brought us a live turkey & tonight another one gave us a dead one all cleaned.  So mother & daddy took live one to Croydon tonight then went to Kreeners.  May & Bobby over.  Bobby just a while after movies.  Sailors here.

Daughter’s note:  Clara’s father was a boss at the Sugar House.  She always talked about the men bringing gifts to her father, their boss.  Possibly that is an explanation for the two men who have brought turkeys to the family.

November 21, 1932

Mon. – Clear – Well!  I got my ticket for the Thanksgiving Dance today.  I don’t know who I’m going with but I’m going anyway.  Went to movies tonight.  Saw Maurice Chevalier in “Love Me Tonight”  He’s swell buy there wasn’t much of a plot to his story.  After I came home from movies Bobby over for while.