October 30, 1932

Sun. – Clear – Went around to Babs about noon to clean up after party.  Bobby, Dick & May & later Mildred were there, too.  All except Babs came home with me and fooled around all afternoon.  Tonight May, Leonard, Howard B., Mildred, Me & Isabel over at Bobby’s.  Didn’t do much.  Mom Mom & George down today.  Aunt. Mable, Uncle John & Jackie here for awhile too.

October 29, 1932

Sat. – Clear – Boy! was I busy today.  I baked a cake, made 2 Jack o’lanterns, iced cake, went to Babs’ with May to set table for party tonight, did little more shopping, came home, went back with cake for party, came home made Dutch shoes (didn’t fit anyway) got supper, took bath, dressed, to party.  Party rather dead.  Four from country who Babs invited were pills.  Home about 2:15 A.M.

October 26, 1932

Wed. – Clear – May & I sewed our costumes again today after school.  Got all finished except for buttons and such.  Around to Babs tonight.  May, Bucky, Leonard (nice kid) and Howard Berriman were there.  Then all walked home with me – Stood out front talking a while & Robert & Dick came out.  Robinson’s here tonight.

October 22, 1932

Sat. – Clear – Couldn’t go out in boat today.  Tide too early & too late.  Boy! have I got a sore boil & you’d never guess where.  I can’t sit down in comfort.  Mother, Daddy, Mildred, Kreeners all up tonight.  I had Nippy over all day.  He’s so sweet & he’s getting awful pretty.