August 25, 1932

Thurs. – Clear – Charlie & I went out in boat this A.M.  & went clear to the river.  When getting out of boat Charlie fell in creek & got all wet.  Mother & Daddy up tonight.  Brought Eliz., Ann, Joanie & Margaret.  When Margaret was going down steps to see boat she sat in the creek & got wet.  Had Nippy over all day.

August 20, 1932

Sat. – Clear – Went out in boat & went swimming tonight.  George went with me in boat and we went in big creek for 1st time.  It was swell!  Mother & Daddy, Kreemers, Mildred, Aunt Clara & Lew up tonight.  Mother, Daddy & Mildred stayed.   Went to block party up by A & P.  George won a lamp.