August 2, 1932

Tues. – Clear – Mom Mom came down today to make a dress.  A. Clara & Mildred came up to see her & Mildred & I went to movies.  Saw Ramon Navarro in “Hiddle”  Great, Swell, Grand.  Ramon Navarro is wonderful, adorable!!  Came to Croydon with George after work.  Jacky came up tonight.

July 31, 1932

Sun. – Clear – At Pine Beach today.  Joe & Stanley here today.  All went swimming in afternoon.  Joe, Eliz., Ann & Stanley & I picked huckleberries for dinner.  Thelma & Lane took a ride to Asbury & were gone all day.  Didn’t come home till late tonight.  Horburys stayed down.  They’re starting their vacation.

July 30, 1932

Sat. – clear – Went Pine Beach this afternoon late.  After supper went to Seaside.  Went on Hobbies and spent 10 cents on pull string and got $1.00 box powder.  Joe & Stanley came in when we came home.  Up till 4 o’clock in morning dancing, singing,  Had swell time.