July 26, 1932

Tues. – Clear – Mother & I went in town today.  I got a new Jantzen Bathing suit, Bathing hat & Bathing belt.  Got pair of black & white ghillies too.  They’re all awful nice.  I love ’em.  Got good lunch in 5 & 10.  Mother & Daddy brought me to Croydon tonight.  Brought Kreemer’s.  Jacky was here.

July 25, 1932

Mon. – Clear – Started to go to Bathie today but forgot my hat so went to see Jacky instead.  Brought him home with me this afternoon.  We played all p.m.  He stayed for supper and after supper I took him home & went to library.  May came home with me for a little while when we came from library.  Had ice cream.

July 24, 1932

Sun. – Clear – At Pine Beach – Joe & Stanley came to see the girls today and Joe has a new car.  It’s awful cute.  Rumble seat & all.  Went swimming after supper.  Water swell & warm.  Came home late tonight.  Ann & Joan came in our car.  Got home about midnight.  Horburys stopped for little while.

July 23, 1932

Sat. – Clear – Ann stayed at our house today & went Pine Beach with us, so I had Joanie all day.  Oh, she’s sweet.  Went Pine Beach early today.  About 4 o’clock.  Had supper there & went to Seaside.  Daddy won a lb. of coffee & 5 lbs. sugar there.  Had swell time.

July 22, 1932

Fri. ;- Clear – Went to see May’s new 5 week old, brown, white, fox terrier today.  Cute.  May spent afternoon & evening with me, Bobby, too.  Ann & Joanie came up tonight for supper & the evening.  Joanie’s awful sweet.  Ann’s mother, father took them home late tonight.

July 21, 1932

Thurs. – Clear – Went to 5 & 10 this morning to get few last things for mother’s birthday tonight.  Got candlesticks  (blue & gold) for the present we bought her.  Had her party tonight.  Aunt Mable, U. John, & Jacky came up too.  I baked a cake and it turned out swell.  The icing was swell & smooth.  Mother was surprised when she saw the bowl & candlesticks.  All had swell time.  Came home with them tonight.

July 20, 1932

Wed. – Clear – Mother’s birthday present pewter bowl & candle sticks, came up today & it’s beautiful.  Helped Mom Mom iron a few things.  Mildred & I had the pup Nippy over today again.  Gee, he’s a darling.  Devonia came up after supper and was here all evening just talking.  Listened to radio and I read awhile then came to bed.