June 24, 1932

Fri. – Clear – cool – Mildred up today.  We went to matinee.  Saw Wm. Haines in “Are You Listening”  Not so hot.  I washed Sandy, too.  He’s beautiful now, so clean.  Mildred went home after movies.  I walked to Bridge St. with her & then came home.  Went to Croydon tonight.  Took Kreemers.

June 23, 1932

Thurs – Clear – Roasting hot in town.  Cool at home.  Went to town today.  Got white dress, shoes, and hat.  All real cute & only cost altogether $3.05.  May was around tonight.  Wrote with Bobby’s typewriter.  Horburry’s were here tonight.  Joan is sweet & darling.  But Dotty is just plain bad.

June 22, 1932

Wed. – Clear – Hot – Hooray!  no more school.  It’s all over!  Went to matinee to celebrate with May, Babs & Bobby.  May came home with me after movies & played cards & her and Babs were around tonight.  Bobby over too.  We sat on front steps & fooled around.

June 21, 1932

Tues. – Clear – Hot – Only one more day of school !  Hooray!  Aunt Mable, Uncle John, Jackie, Aunt Clara, Lou, Mildred and Kreeners were all here tonight.  Babs and a friend of hers were here so we fooled around.  Helped Mildren with her lessons.

June 20, 1932

Mon. – cloudy – Clear – Got rid of a lot of text books today.  School closes Wednesday.  Got out at 12:45 today because of senior rehearsal.  The rest had to stay.  Was out front tonight.  Babs around for little while & Bobby was out there.  Kenneddy’s here tonight.

June 17, 1932

Fri. – Clear – Rain.  Went on hiking club picnic today.  Just got to Woodword’s Gardens and it started to pour.  It never stopped till around 7 o’clock and we were in a pump house the whole time.  Some girls phoned home and their fathers and brothers came in cars & took us home.  Had pretty good time in spite of rain.

June 15, 1932

Wed. – Cloudy – Rain – Tomorrow’s George’s birthday, so I baked a cake today & we took it up tonight.  I also got him a collar clasp to hold his collar down and a birthday card.  All Horburys went up and we took Bobby up.  There was 13 of us all together.  Had good time.