May 31, 1932

Tues. – clear – Lib and Shuk went home today.  Gee!  Shuk is good looking.  I wish they had stayed longer.  Went to movies tonight.  Saw Eddie Tuillan in “The Big Shot”  Pretty good.  It was awful dull to go back to school after 3 days holiday.

May 30, 1932

Decoration Day – Mon. – Clear – Warm again – Still too chilly to go swimming.  Still at Pine Beach.  Minded baby again.  Went for a walk to Cranberry bogs with Shuk & Eliz.  Also went crabbing with them but didn’t catch anything.  Returned to Phila between 7 & 10 o’clock.

May 29, 1932

Sun. –  cloudy – chilly – At Pine Beach all day.  Had swell time with Ann’s baby, Joan.  She’s 4 mos. old & awful sweet.  Went to Seaside Heights tonight.  Met Florence & Isabel there and went on all the hobbies with them & walked the board walk with them.  Got brass ring on hobbies twice.

May 28, 1932

Sat. – Clear – Put money on Xmas Card today – Lib & Shuk never got here till 5:45 this afternoon and she said they’d come early.  They came alone so we took them to Pine Beach with us.  Elizabeth rode in their car with them and I rode in our car with Mom Mom too.  Got here (Pine Beach) at about 10:15 tonight.  Fooled around & got to bed about 3 o’clock.  Talked till about 4:00.

May 26, 1932

Thurs. – Clear – Hot – Went to movies tonight.  Saw Lew Ayres & Mae Clarke in “Impatient Maiden”  It was swell.  Awful funny in places.  Gina Markel was in it too and another funny guy.  Horbury’s here when I came.  Ann’s baby is so sweet and cuddly.  I love her.

May 25, 1932

Wed. – Clear – awfully warm again.  This afternoon after school I made mother and me some 0rangeade.  Then I drank buttermilk on top of it and boy! did I get sick.  Lib phoned tonight and said she and Shuk would be down for Decoration Day.  So I guess it’s no Pine Beach for us with them coming.  We were to go to Pine Beach for the 3 day week end but I guess not now.

Daughter’s Note: Decoration Day was what is now called Memorial Day.  I believe it came from the fact that the graves were Decorated on that day.

May 24, 2016

Tues. – Clear – Went to movies tonight.  They chanced off an electric refrigerator and I hoped I could get it for mother but some big fat thing got it, that looked a lot like Peggy.  I saw Pola Neari in “A Woman Commands”  It was alright but I’ve seen lots better.

May 23, 1932

Mon. – Clear – Had French test today.  Oh boy!  do I hate tests.  We went down to Josie’s tonight to look at electric refrigerators.  Took Tomklinsons with us.  We’re going to get a Gibson & so are they.  Went in their house when we came back.

May 22, 1932

Sun. – clear – Up at Croydon all day.  Mildred & I played around a lot.  Mother, Daddy & Elizabeth came up early so we went for a ride & it was awfully nice in country.  Brought some Lilies-of-the-valley home from Mom Mom’s with me.