March 28, 1932

Mon. – Rain all day – Oh!  back to school today and it was torture especially as Lawton has two weeks off because of Scarlet Fever.  Oh gosh!  Margaret around tonight.  We played Michigan and Blackjack .  Good time.

Daughter’s Note:  Lawton was Clara’s elementary school.  She graduated from there in 8th grade and is at Frankford High School at the time the diary was written.

March 27, 1932

Easter Sunday – Clear till after Sun. School & then rain the rest of the day.  Boy!  I hated to see that rain but we had a chance to get dressed for Sun. Sch. cause it wasn’t raining yet then.  Boy did I get a lot of Easter eggs. Honest!  We’ll never be able to eat them all.  Mom Mom & George here today.

Daughter’s Note:  According to the stories Clara told…children exchanged Easter Eggs the way they exchange Valentines today.  Each child ordered enough eggs (coconut cream etc.) with their name printed on each to give each of their friends an egg.


March 26, 1932

Sat. – Rainy – No news of Lindy.  I made supper tonight.  Baked pork chops with filling, new potatoes browned in butter, corn & raspberry & lime jello with marshmallow whip for dessert.  It was all good and I had a lot of fun making it.  Mom Mom came down today so she ate it too & said it was good.  Kreemers, Jackie & family & Mildred & family were here tonight.  I fixed my Easter basket after they went.

March 25, 1932

Fri. – Clear – Warm – No news in Lindy case.  Bob, Eliz. & I went to Stanley to see “The Lost Squadron”, in it were, Robert Armstrong (Oh! he’s wonderful), Richard Dix (Bah!) Joel McCrea (he’s swell), Dorothy Cosdan, Mary Astor, & Eric VonStromlim.  The picture was wonderful.  Went to Horbury’s tonight.  Ann’s baby is a dear.  So little & cute.  I love it.

March 24, 1932

Thurs. – Clear – Warm – No news of Lindy baby yet  Went to town today.  Got dress.  It’s bright green & awful pretty.  Also got hat. Dark brown.  Mildred here when we got home.  Bobby has a baby duck & calls it Napolean.  Might go to town tomorrow to a show.

March 23, 1932

Wed. – Clear – Warm – No news of Lindy baby.  I was up at Jackie’s all day & on the go all day.  First we played upstairs in his bedroom, then went for walk on Ave. then to park, then played outside then in his bedroom again, supper then downstairs, then I had to come home at 9 o’clock.  Boy!  Jack was sure played out and I’m not so wide awake, myself.