February 28, 1932

Sun. – Rain – Up at Croydon all day.  Brownie over all day.  Gee, he’s sweet.  He was sick this week, but he’s better now.  I’m awful glad cause he’s awful sweet.  Mildred & I fooled around all day and had pretty good time.  Watched ’em play Pinochle tonight.  Altogether, a good week-end.

February 27, 1932

Sat. – Clear, real warm – Took bath & washed my hair.  Mildred came & we went into Frankford to the Circle.  Saw Doug Fairbanks Jr. in “Union Depot”.  Real good.  Afterwards got hot dog, ice cream, soda & candy.  Came home on trolley in Style and had a swell time all day.  Went to Croydon.

Daughter’s note:  The Circle was a local movie theater.  Mildred was a cousin.  The two women remained connected throughout their lives.

February 22, 1932

Mon. – clear – Still at Croydon.  Washington’s Birthday, today.  Mother, Daddy, Eliz., Mild., A. Clara and Lou came up for supper.  Had left over turkey & I made Jello with peaches in it & cherries on it.  Pup & Skip glad to see me.

Daughter’s note:  Eliz. is Elizabeth her sister

Mild. is Mildred her cousin

A. Clara is Aunt Clara, obviously her aunt