October 6, 1933

Fri – Clear – Eddie walked to school with us today & then 1st period I was on House and Grounds Duty & he came up & kept me company.  Then after school I fooled around and went to Bab’s for a book for Anna.  She didn’t have it so I gave Anna my library card to get it.  Tonight Eddie, May & I went movies.  Saw “Moonlight & Pretzels”  Real swellegant.  Paul here when we got back.  Walked May home.  Paul went home 11 o’clock.  Linny over awhile.  Eddie & I sat out front until 11:45.  Sweet kid!!

October 5, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – When I got home from school today, Len came down.  Hiked from Croyden.  He & Eddie & I walked to library & spent all afternoon fooling around.  He ate here too.  After supper went for May.  Babs too, but she couldn’t come out.  4 of us (Ed, Len, May & I) took walk on bridge.  Real cold but I liked it.  Came back & sat on May’s swing awhile then Eddie & I came home.

October 4, 1933

Wed. – Clear – Went on House & Ground duty today & it was swell fun.  I liked it a lot.  Tonight Eddie & I took a walk on bridge by ourselves.  He’s a darling kid.  I mean it.  Stopped & picked up May, Babs, Dick & Paul at May’s & come back here & danced.  Linny over too.  After they all scrammed Dick, Eddie & I played cards till 12 o’clock!  They’re both swell kids.

October 3, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Eddie walked to school with us this morning & he waited for us after school till 3 o’clock & we missed him.  Gee! that was mean.  Paul was around this afternoon (he had it off).  Fooled around & he tried to patch things up after he acted so silly over May & Gladys!  I wouldn’t be so silly.  He, Eddie, May, Babs & I were out skating tonight.  Ended up on our front steps & after everybody else went home, Eddie & I sat out front for long while.  He gave me a letter to read & in it he told me that I was his chrysanthemum!  I’m awful glad!  That’s just the way I wanted it to be.

October 2, 1933

Mon. – Clear – Boy! Anna & I got way down below Fkd. Ave today & remembered we had forgotten our maps & had to go all the way back to the school for them.  Ohh!  Did homework after school.  Tonight took Carl (a cute little kid from Croydon) with me to get May, then came back & Eddie & Hilda came out & we all skated.  Babs was out awhile too.  After they all scrammed Eddie & I sat out front awhile.  Then we had some hot chocolate.

October 1, 1933

Sun. – Clear – Rain tonight.  Didn’t get up till 12:30 today.  Eddie, Paul & I went up for May this afternoon & then she came back & us & Linny played croquet.  Eddie brought his portable phonograph over & we played it & danced in back yard awhile.  Tonight walked up to Park.  Paul is now smitten with May’s charms.  What a kid.  After that we went to Bab’s.  Mush, Bertie & another fellow were there.  We danced all evening.

September 30, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Went to wedding with Mrs. Linn at Catholic Church this morning.  Real pretty.  Gave Sandy a bath this afternoon.  He looks beautiful now.  Tonight we all went to Croydon.  A. Clara & Co., Kreeners & Kennedy’s, Eliz. & Jimmy & also took Eddie.  Mildred & Eddie & I went for real long walk.  Cedar Ave. & back by Haunted Lane.  Came back & danced & played cards.  On way home Eddie & I rode with Kennedy’s & another car came along & sideswiped us.  Nobody hurt but wasted about 1/2 hour.  Kennedy’s left their car here tonight.

September 29, 1933

Fri. – Clear – Linny, Marian Lenhart, Ev. Sandstrom, Ethel Dunn & I went to football game this afternoon.  Fkd. vs. Haverford.  Fkd. lost 7 – 6 – Tonight I started to teach Linny to skate.  He’s getting along swell.  Paul came down tonight & started to speak, so now everything’s fixed & I’m awfully glad.  He & Eddie & I were skating together.  He left early & Eddie & I sat out front & talked till after midnight.  Eddie was real serious & Gee! he’s swellegant.  I like him better than any fellow I know.

September 28, 1933

Thurs. – Hurray! no homework for first time this term.  Got letter from Len today & had to answer right away to say I wouldn’t be to Croydon this weekend.  Eddie & I & Mildred went movies tonight & saw Bing Crosby in “College Humor”  It was swell!  Horbory’s, A. Mable & co., A. Clara & co. all here tonight.  Eddie had my skate on.  Gee! we passed Paul tonight & Eddie told him he should speak to me.  I’ll wring his neck for him.  But he’s a nice kid.  Set out front with him till 11:30.  Was talking to Wilkinson tonight.  Gee, he’s SWELL.

September 27, 1933

Wed. – Clear – Wow, had first test & shorthand test today.  Linny & Eddy walked home with us.  Took some pictures of Eddie after school.  Don’t think they’ll take though.  After supper Lenny, Eddy & I went for May & she came back here & we played pinochle.  Eddy & I took her home & then we went on ave. to get stamp.  Jimmy is staying tonight.  Stayed last night too.  No strikers tonight.