July 20, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – Mother went in town this morning.  I didn’t go.  U. Harvey & Harvey went home today.  A. Mable & Jacky were down today.  A. Mable went to hospital with Mom Mom & I stayed home with Jacky.  Boy! he was bad!  May, Paul, Eddie, Bobby here tonight.  Bobby only at intervals.  Took May home.  Then the family bought ice cream.  Paul & I were in on that.  Paul is sure a swell kid.

July 19, 1933

Wed. – Clear – May & I went to Bathy this morning & on the way back Paul met us.  We fooled around at May’s taking pictures etc. then Paul & I came home & got some lunch and then May came around & we went for a walk to the park.  There all afternoon.  Paul & May & Dick here tonight.  Had pretty swelegant time.  Oh! by the way, Paul didn’t have to work today.

July 18, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Mildred & A. Clara were here this morning.  Paul was here for about an hour at noon.  Poor kid! his mother was buried today.  Harvey, U. Harvey, Mom Mom & I went to see George today.  He was fine.  Dropped Mom Mom & went to see May & she was fine.  May was around tonight.  Also Paul.  He was feeling a little better.  Saw baseball game.  After Paul & I came home Len was down for awhile.  Nice kids.  Both of ’em

July 17, 1933

Mon. – Clear – May & I went to bathy this morning.  We were at May’s & Paul came around & he stayed with me then the rest of the day.  Gee!  It’s a shame for those kids.  I was near crying today.  Paul seemed so down hearted.  He perked up a little afterwards though.  Gee! he’s swell.  His mother was laid out tonight.  I couldn’t get out to see her it was too far.  I wish I could have.  I saw baseball game then Eddy Battish, May, Mom Mom & I played cards.

July 16, 1933

Sun. – Rainy – Gee!  Paul called me up this morning & told me his mother died yesterday on her way down to see them.  A heart attack.  It’s an awful shame & even I feel awful about it.  May around today.  Paul was here tonight & I felt so sorry for him.  It made me feel like crying.  We sat out front.  He said he felt better than he had all day.  I didn’t have the heart to send him home till near midnight.  He kissed me goodnight & it was wonderful.

July 15, 1933

Sat. – Clear – Len came down this morning & he, Mildred, & I went for boat ride to beach above bridges.  Took little Edward for another boat ride & Len & I did a lot of swimming.  Got back about 4 o’clock & Len & I walked to post office & A & P & home.  Then Len went home.  He’s a swell kid.  Mother & Daddy brought us home tonight.  I went to movies (2nd show)  I saw Rob Montgomery in Hell Below.  Swell.  Kenneddy’s & Kreemers here.


July 14, 1933

Fri. – Clear – Mildred & I took boat ride up to beach & took a swim.  Met a little boy up there & we took him for boat ride.  He was awful cute.  When we got back Len was here.  We got lunch then walked up to A & P & Len went home for his bathing suit.  Then him & Mild. & I went for boat ride to that nice beach on the river.  We had good fun & there’s a big dredge down at mouth of creek.  We watched it a while.  Len went home when we came in.  We got supper then Jacky was up tonight.

July 13, 1933

Thurs. – Clear – Started moving my bedroom to third floor today.  Went to hospital with Mom Mom this afternoon to see George.  He was swell.  There’s the nicest looking young Italian fellow in the bed next to George.  He’s awfully polite & he grinned at me real cute a couple times.  Paul called up tonight.  Gee!  I won’t be seeing him till Sunday and maybe not till Monday!  (Gosh!  That’s a long time to miss a person)

July 12, 1933

Wed. – Clear – Mother, May Birkelbach & I went in town today & saw “Gold Diggers of 1933” with Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell & a gang of others.  It was swell!  Had lunch in town & I bought a pretty bunch of flowers.  May & Paul were here tonight.  Dick was here too, but he talked to Eliz. all night.  Cunningham was supposed to come around but didn’t.  Danced some.  May & Dick both left early.  Paul & I amused ourselves with uke.

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July 11, 1933

Tues. – Clear – Fooled around with Jacky quite a while this morning and then walked home.  Went hospital this afternoon with Mom Mom.  George wasn’t so good.  Then I sat in the park with Jack while A. Mable was up.  After supper May & I went to see a game (baseball) between Berriman’s team & Bobby’s & heck!  Bobby’s won (14 – 7)  May, Paul & I took walk.  Took May home & then Paul & I sat out front talking for long while.  Gee!  Paul is nice!!